सरकार को सर्वोच्च न्यायालय का आदेश - 15 दिनों में प्रवासी कामगारों का घर वितरित करना, उनके रोजगार की योजना बनाना /प्रवासी कामगारों का मुद्दा 

     प्रवासी कामगारों का मुद्दा 

The court said the migrant workers should be delivered to their homes within 15 days. Consideration should also be given to withdrawing the case filed against him for breaking the rules of lockdown 

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of migrant workers stranded in different states due to the lockdown.

Mapping is done to identify their skill. Their employment is planned based on whether they are healthy or not.

The Central and State Governments prepare a list for the identification of migrant workers

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